Sunday, January 25, 2009

World Tour Party! Woot Woot!

Last night was the Winking Lizard World Tour Party at Cleveland Browns Stadium. For those of you who do not know what that is, I will explain. Winking Lizard is a bar up here in Ohio, (where I work). There are about 10 of them throughout Columbus, Canton & Cleveland. We have what we call a World Tour of Beers. There are 100 beers to drink in 1 calendar year. At 50 beers you get a prize (usually a long sleeve T) and at the end you get a jacket with the logo. Different jacket every year, I think I personally have about 4 or 5. The party for the finishers is what everyone really wants. It was held at Cleveland Browns Stadium this year. The finishers can bring a guest, and there is a huge food buffet, dessert buffet, and all you can drink beer. Usually Hoegarrden, Labatt, & this year they added Great Lakes Burning River. (Go ahead Alabama boys, insert your burning river jokes here! )

I would have pics from this event, however when I woke up, and didn't remember how I got home, my camera is gone. It was a really fun night, all of the Cuyahoga County store finishers were there which was about 1500 people. We ran out of beer I heard at the end of the night! I don't think that has ever happened! There was a great band playing, by the end of the night the whole place had pretty much turned into a dance floor. So needless to say, I am at work. Both jobs today. And I feel like poop. If anyone finds a camera somewhere in Cleveland, with a lot of pics of dogs & me with some famous people on it please let me know. I really want it back. Although this may force me to finally buy this...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have not been eaten by raccoons

But after last night I thought they were living in my kitchen...

I woke up at 4am to the sound of styro. Vern had tore up the garbage & eaten old mashed potatoes, old pasta, a cajun chicken quesadilla, and a weeks worth of cat poop. And spread it from one end of the kitchen to the other! So I was wasking my kitchen floor at 4am today so the cat & The porkchop would not help themselves also. I am sooooo tired!

So yes, I am alive, I will get internet soon, I am still trying to resolve my hospital bills so give me some time! I miss everyone! Happy turkey day!! I hope you all ate way too much!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm going out of my mind!!!

So I have been gone for a while, and I still have no internet. My apartment sucks & I have to find a tennants association or something to step in. I viewed the place about a month before I moved it. I also did a walk-through a week before. All of these things were written down & discussed & I was told they would be fixed BEFORE I moved in. Not the case. This is a month later & I still have had no one show up to help me. They gave me a new stove & never brought the part to hook it to the gas in the floor -so I cannot cook. There are no screens -so I can't open my windows. The previous tennants ripped the ring off the ceiling that holds the shower curtain and the bath tub drain leaks -so I cannot shower. My prochlight is 25 feet in the air & in a weird cage & burned out -I cannot change it myself & it's pitch black back in the corner I live in. Also, no one has picked up the garbage since August 5. I have called the management company many times, and finally a new management company took over partway through the month. I called them & they were very appologetic & said they would be right out...
And they never came. 3 calls later they are still not there. Today I am going to city hall & complaining about the garbage issue, but all I can do about getting things fixed is to give them 30 days notice that I am going to pay next months rent to the county clerk of courts & they will hold it until things get fixed. I could seriously cry about all this.
And then to make things worse, Rob tried to throw me a surprise birthday party last weekend & like 5 people showed up. Nice. Thanks people. I love you all to.

Friday, July 18, 2008

if i dissappear...

This is why...

I am moving that end of July. (notice the classy box-o-wine on the counter)I have no idea when I will get internet back as far as posting. I can do stuff from work, but no pics & stuff. I have to get my internet though cable now I suppose, because I don't think I can steal cable in my new digs -catch me now evil cable company! And I am ridding myself of the home phone (that I get my DSL through now) and I just got my first ...wait for it... cell phone!!! Yes kiddies, I am in the 21st century now & as of today I have a cell. I have succombed to the pressure. But don't fret, my home number is my cell number. So all you people that never call me anyway can still not call the same number. And not that anyone cares, but I have a totally blinged out bubblegum pink phone & I LOVE it! It's so freaking girlie it'll make you want to vomit! I would post a pic, but I should have done it first so it would be at the bottom of this post. But I'm lazy & I am computer challanged & cannot move pics around in a post without f-ing it up. So if you want to see it that bad go Google the Motorola bubblegum pink phone from t-mobile. And if anyone wants to be in my fave five let me know. I'm such a loser I have 1 fave. Unless I add my grandma.

So for this month this is how I am living.
Anyone want to help haul crap a half a mile down the road show up on Aug 1 or 2. Preferably the 2nd. I have the trucks, but my daddy broke his wrist last week so I'm down a man. I will buy you beer. And the bus boys from work will probably have weed. Just kidding. Actually I'm probably right, but I feel if I don't see it I don't have to admit it's happening. That's what you get when 22 yr. old boys move you for the promise of booze.

And everyone pray that when I plug my tv into the wall I magically have cable again! It's happened the last 3 places I've lived! Besides, if I cannot get any reception until I get cable what will I do without Big Brother????